Top bollywood songs of Murder

Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Shehrawat starrer suspense thriller Murder is directed by Anurag Basu and Mahesh Bhatt. The other starcast inlcudes Ashmit Patel, Uday Tikekar and Raj Zutshi. The movie is set in Bangkok, Thailand. The movie is inspired from the Hollywood blockbuster Unfaithful. The melodious soundtrack of the film is created by music director Anu Malik. The movie is based on the extramarital affairs and relationships. The movie proved that bollywood actresses don’ t run around bushes any more, they want their share of flesh too.

The superhit songs of the movie are listed below :

1. Kaho naa kaho
2. Bheege hont tere pyaasa dil mera
3. Dil ko hazar baar roka roka roka
4. Zindagi is tarah
5. Jaana jaane jaana

Simran ( Mallika Shehrawat ) is married to her dead sister’s husband Sudhir ( Ashmit Patel ), who is a leading businessman of Hong Kong. They have a son too. Sudhir thinks that he has given everything required to his wife and son. But, Simran thinks otherwise. She wants Sudhir to show his love to her just like in the initial days of their marraige. But Sudhir has no time for all that. Simran continues to feel ignored and unloved by her husband. One day Simran bumps in with his old friend of college time, Sunny ( Emraan Hashmi ). After several meetings, Sunny and Simran fall in love with each other once again and one day they crosses all the boundaries and establish sexual relationship. Simran’s sexual escapades arouse Sudhir’s suspicions, who then hires a detective to find out what is really cooking between the two bastards.

Then one day Simran finds out another girlfriend of Sunny. She come to know that Sunny is a creep. She breaks all the realtionship with Sunny and plans to lead a new life with her husband. She fall in love with her husband after spending some time with him. But very soon the detective hired by Sudhir, gives him the information about Simran and Sunny’s relationship. Sudhir meets Sunny and ask him about his relationship with Simran. There Sunny insults him by showing Simran’s innerwear. Sudhir and Sunny had a fight which results in Sunny’s death. But this is not the end of this story. The story starts becoming more and more complex with the time.


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