Top bollywood Holi songs

Holi is all about having fun and for this reason it has been a prime subject of attention for the bollywood music directors and lyricists.There are a large number of songs that have been produced over the years capturing the various moods of the holi festivals. Holi songs have been a thing of fascination for bollywood from several years and there is no doubt in it that every of bollywood songs based on holi truely depicted all the moods of the festival in it. Many of bollywood actors, specially Amitabh Bachchan gained immense popularity after getting picturised in the holi songs of bollywood movies.

Here is the list of some of the popular Holi Songs from bollywood:

1. Arre Ja Re Hat Natkhat - Navrang
2. Rang Barse - Silsila
3. Hori Khele Raghuveera - Baghban
4. Holi Ke Din - Sholay
5. Apne Rang Mein - Aakhir Kyon
6. Aaye Holi Aaye Re - Kaamchor
7. Ang Se Ang Lagana - Darr
8. Mohe Chedo Na - Lamhe
9. Aaj Na Chodenge - Kati Patang
10 Rang di Rang Di - Dhanwan

Bollywood holi songs have a strong hold in capturing the spirit of festival and for this reason many of the holi songs manage to recieve immense popularity among the masses. And specially the ones with the touch of folk element in them, gained extremely high popularity among the Indian audience.You can easily listen these songs playing at every corner of the streets and people dancing to these songs while playing holi with their close ones.

Who can forget the famous Rang barse from Silsilay which was picturised on Millenium star Amitabh Bachchan. The populartiy of this songs can be imagined with the fact that even today no holi celebration is considered complete without playing and dancing on this particular song. Another bollywood star, Shahrukh Khan, also recieved appreciation from the masses for the holi song in his first big hit movie, Darr.


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