SRK gets Waxed Again!

SRK-I wonder how this man manage to remain in the news. Whether its his films, IPL kolkatta night riders and now he falls into Wax. The actor is again waxed into a statue but this time not in the Madam Tussads but in Paris.

The formal ceremony with red carpet rolled for him at the Musse Grevin where his exclusive wax statue was unveiled. The man took his close people out there to feel the pleasure and the pride of his caliber and fame around the globe. Karan Johar all time SRK’s friend and the stunning wife Gauri accompanied the actor on the ramp. When it comes to his reaction he mesmerizingly says-“It’s amazingly handsome like someone I know”. Cool Shahrukh this is called Badshaah.

SRK will have a company of now Michael Jackson, Marylin Monreo, Mahatma Ghandhi, Mother Teresa and some 300 great world renowned personalities. Out of which one is our own SRK.
The actor says-“”This one’s not smiling, how everyone likes it?  I think it’s quite a nice macho days at that time I never used to smile I always had this cool grim look. If this is being watched back home I would like to tell my daughter I am happy to be here. Suhana. and Aryan now you have duplicate fathers all over the world,” said King Khan.
Keep rocking SRK after all We love you!!


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