SRK’s new Tattoo for Billo Barber

Shahrukh! please tell me the nature of your mindset. As you are getting old your interests of experimenting with your looks increasing. First your six pack abs, then long hairs with a cute ponytail and now a daredevil tattoo. Khan you are a king of experiments which evolves out to be super hits. When I asked him about how he’ll remove it, he loudly says to girls, ‘Please lend me nail polish remover’. Ya, that might work Shahrukh, I’ll try to arrange that from my girl friend-for sure.

But what his upcoming film Billo Barber has to do with it, ah aa it’s the character of updated barber. But the lead actress for the film is yet to be fixed as after Amisha Patel now Tabu also backed out from the project. Now, the ball has been courted towards Lara Dutta, hopefully she will accept the proposal says King Khan.

But excitement will not be less as Kareena Kapoor is doing an item number with Deepika Padukone and some other beauties too in the background. Irrfan Khan will also be in the same frame doing a role of Barber with Shahrukh. Cool the first time Jodi of Shahrukh- Irrfan can be seen on screen.


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