Songs of Yamla Pagla Deewana

Yamla Pagla Deewana is a recently released hindi comedy drama movie directed by Samir Karnik. The movie stars Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Kulraj Randhawa in lead roles while the rest of the starcast includes names of Anupam Kher, Emma Brown Garett, Nafisa Ali, Madhuri Bhattacharya, Johnny Lever, Mukul Dev, Puneet Issar and Sucheta Khanna in important roles. The movie is an out to out comedy flick with three deols together on the screen for second time after ‘Apne‘. The music in the film is given by Pyarelal, RDB, Nourman Javaid, Sanjoy Chaudhary, Sandesh Srivastava, Anu Malik and Rahul Seth. The movie was distributed under the banner of Top Angle Productions and One Up Entertainment. The movie contains one of the hit song of Dharmendra’s film titled “Main jatt yamla pagla deewana”. The movie also contains two hot and raunchy item numbers picturised on Mehak Chahal and Madhuri Bhattacharya. The story of the film is written by Jasvinder Bath.

The songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Main jatt yamla pagla deewana
2. Chadha de rang
3. Son Titriya
4. Tinku Jiya
5. Sau baar
6. Chamki jawani
7. Kadd ke botal

Paramveer Singh (Sunny Deol) is living a happy life with his wife Mary (Emma Brown Garett), two childrens and his mother in Canada. Paramveer learns that his long lost father, Dharam Singh (Dharmendra) is in the banaras city of India. Dharam Singh is leading a criminal lifestyle alongwith his second son named Gajodhar (Bobby Deol). Paramveer Singh decides to go to India in order to bring back his father and younger brother. Paramveer Singh arrives in India and soon he manage locate his father and son. But Dharam Singh refuse to recognize him and also ask him to not to interfere in their life. Paramveer Singh saves Dharam and Gajodhar from a jeweller and his goons. Gajodhar then decies to make Paramveer his partner in crime.

Meanwhile, Gajodhar comes across a girl named Saheba (Kulraj Randhawa) and falls in love with her. Gajodhar seeks help from Paramveer in impressing Saheba. Paramveer do provide help to him and soon Saheba also falls in loevw ith Gajodhar. But problem arises when Saheba is forcefully taken back to Punjab by her brothers after they learns about her love affair. Gajodhar also decides to go to Punjab in order to bring back his love. Gajodhar and Paramveer enters in Saheba’s house as two NRIs. Saheba’s brother arranges marraige of their sister with Paramveer instead of Gajodhar. This misunderstanding leads to several funny situations in the film. Sunny Deol surely has upperhand in the film in terms of acting. Dharmendra and Bobby Deol have also acted excellently in the roles of conmans.


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