Songs of Ulta Seedha

Raj Babbar and Rati Agnihotri starrer bollywood movie “Ulta Seedha” was released under the production of Subodh Mukherjee in the year of 1985, he also directed the movie as well. The genre of the movie falls into the category of comedy movies. Other cast of the movie in significant roles includes Deven Verma, Madan Puri, Dinesh Thakur, Agha, Utpal Dutt, Aruna Irani, Shobha Khote and Dalip Tahil. The melodious music of the movie is composed and directed by Rajesh Roshan while the songs are sung by Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar.

The songs of bollywood movie Ulta Seedha are listed bel;ow:

1. Dakan Ki Ek Haseena, Dakan Ki Ek Haseena
2. Ulta Seedha
3. Uncle Robert Kya Bole Tumko, Uncle Robert Kya Bole Tumko
4. Yaar Ki Galiyon, Pyaar Ki Kalian Khili
5. Zulfon Ke Andhere Mein, Kahin Main Chup Jaaun

The movie Ulta Seedha comes up as a comic caper which showcases the tussle between the traditional value systems and the modern culture of the youth. The movie focuses on the life of an old man called ustice M.K. Roy ( Utpal Dutt ), who was a very traditional and orthodox kind of a person. He believed in the old traditions and respected all the moral value systems. He was very much against the modernization of the culture and attitude of the young people. His only daughter Shobha ( Rati Agnihotri ) has grown under such value systems and hence she is al;so a traditional Indian girl.

Her father M K Roy wanted her to marry a man who comes from a well cultured family and who also respecsts the traditional moral values. But destiny had something else in stored for him. Shobha came across a young handsome Ramesh Saxena ( Raj Babbar ) and got attracted towards him. She fell in love with Ramesh and they decided to marry each other, although Ramesh was unemployed man she still was very certain of marring him. Roy was very disappointed with this decision of hers and finally agreed for this marriage but only after Ramesh manages to get a job and also starts respecting the traditional moral values.


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