Songs of Sitam

Nasseruddin Shah and Samita Patil starrer bollywood movie “Sitam” was released under the production of Aruna Raje in the year of 1982 while the movie is directed by Vikas Desai. The genre of the movie falls into the category of social love triangle. The supporting cast of the movie that played significant roles includes Vikas Desai, Sulabha Deshpande, Keith Stevenson, Vikram, Arun Samaik, Asrani and Seema deo. The melodious music of the movie is composed and directed by Jagjit Singh while the songs are sung in the beautiful voices of Mohammed Rafi, Jagjit Singh and others.

The songs of bollywood movie Sitam are listed below:

1. Akhein Mila Kar Loot Liya Dil, Pagal Tune Kar Dala
2. Dil Cheer Ke Dekh Tera Hi Naam Hoga
3. Maine Sapno Ko Tut Te Dekha
4. Maya Hai Sab Maya, Maya Hai Yeh Sab Kuch Maya Hai

The movie Sitam comes up with a wonderful story that talks about the social issue of the rehabilitation of the mental patients. The movie is also a love triangle but with a difference. The movie focuses on the life of a young boy Inder ( Vikram ) who met a traumatic incident during his childhood and hence he lost his mental incident due to the trauma. He was in a mental asylum for the past two decades. The twist in the movie comes when a beautiful doctor Meenakshi ( Smita Patil ) came in the hospital. When Inder met her, he was instantly attracted towards her.

He started liking her and her company, this also helped him on a personal front as he started recovering from his mental state. Now he wanted to marry Meenakshi but she is in a very precarious situation, she is worried how she could be able to share her life with a mentally retarded guy. She decided to run away from the situation but she was stopped by the doctor as he feared that her sudden disappearance from Inder’s life might have an adverse effect on him. She agreed to stay there until he fully recovers. She is also worried about her own life as she is in love with other guy who is going to marry her very soon. What happens next?


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