Songs Of Sharaafat

Dharmendra, Hema Malini and Ashok Kumar starred movie ‘Sharaafat’ is a romantic and family drama movie which was directed by Asit Sen. The movie was released in 1970 under the banner of Seven Arts Films. Other starcast included Sonia Sahni, Abhi Bhattacharya, Niranjan Sharma, Jagdeep, Zebunissa, Brahm Bhardwaj, Roopesh Kumar, Sunder, Mohan Choti, Tun Tun etc in significant roles. The movie was produced by Madan Mohla whereas the story of the movie was written by Mahesh Kaul. Dialogues were written by Krishan Chander and the music was rendered by famous duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Songs were sang by Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar etc. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Ek Din Aap Ko
2. Pehle Na Dekha
3. Duniya Ne Sun Li Hai
4. Jeevandata Jagat Pita
5. Mera Rasta Rok Rahe Hain

Movie starts with a young boy named Rajesh whoes parents have died. Then a man named Jagatram (Ashok Kumar) decides to take care of him and brings him to his home. Also Jagatram is living a wealthy lifestyle alongwith his daughter named Rekha. After several years, Rajesh (Dharmendra) has become a young man and is now completing Ph.D. Also Rekha (Sonia Sahni) has fallen in love for him. Later one day Jagatram decides to send Rajesh to hill station where he can complete his thesis to which Rajesh too agrees to go. Later one day he comes to hear a sweet singing sound of a woman and he goes to her. When he tries to engage her in conversation, she trurns him off rudely. Meanwhile Rajesh completes Ph.D and also gets a job of guardian at the boys hostel.

Later he comes to know that some boys are too bad and frequently goes outside from the hostel at night. One night he also follows them and ends up at a local brothel where he comes to a shock when he meets the same woman performing there with whome he had met earlier and her name is Chandni (Hema Malini). When he asks her to stop the boys entering here, she agrees on the condition that he has to come everyday to teach her. He agrees to do his and starts to come everyday. To test his goodness, Chandni tries to seduce him but he gets angry with her. Soon both of them start coming closer to each other. It is then Jagaram asks Rajesh to marry with Rekha which shatters all his dreams.


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