Songs of Shama Parwana

Shammi Kapoor and Suraiya starred movie ‘Shama Parwana’ is a classic movie which is full of action, adventure, romance and drama. The movie was prduced and directed by D.D. Kashyap and it was released in 1954 under the banner of Kashyap Productions. Other starcast included Bibbi Bai, Renu Bala, Mubarak, Kumari Naaz, Roopmala, Sunder and Ulhas in supporting roles. The story, screenplay and dialogues of the movie were written by Safdar Aah whereas the hit music of the movie was given by famous Husanlal Bhagatram. List of playback singers included Asha Bhosle, Nirmala Devi and Mohammad Rafi. The lyrics of the songs were written by Majrooh Sultanpuri. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Tune Mera Yaar Na Milaya
2. Mera Dildar Na Milaya
3. Woh Marnese Dartey Nahin

Movie starts with Gul Mirza (Shammi Kapoor) who lives a wealthy lifestyle in Hindustan circa the Mughal Rule alongwith his mother (Bibbi Bai) who is a widow. He is a poet by profession and also sings well. One day he gets a chance to sings in Arkat-Ul-Daula’s palace. There he sings in front of king’s daughter named Sahebzadi Aalam (Suraiya). She praises him and then Gul also meets with her father who also accepts his singing. There he is challenged and in return he also accepts and wins the challenge. After that he is recruited in the army.

Later both Gul and Sahebzadi has fallen in love with each other. He is then asked to travel along with one thousand soldiers to a distant region in the time limit of three days. He accepts this task but this journey and the battle nearly cost him his life. Later he returns home and there Arkat promises to get him married with his daughter. What Gul does not knows that his and his mother’s life is going to be in dark when they are attcaked by Arkat’s men, and he will be forced to defend himself and speak out against Arkat. This will declare him a rebel.


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