Songs Of Shabash Daddy

One of Kishore Kumar’s directed movie ‘Shabash Daddy’ was released in the year 1979. The genre of this movie falls under comedy and family drama. Also it included Kishore Kumar, Mehmood and Yogita Bali in lead roles and Amit Kumar, Bhagwan, Sulochana Chatterjee, Bhooshan Tiwari, Sarla Chaaya, S. K. Bannerjee, Shefali and Maruti in significant supporting roles. Kishore Kumar also produced and written the movie. The beautiful lyrics of the songs were written by Gulshan Bawra, Kishore Kumar and A. Irshad including Kishore Kumar as music director. List of playback singers included some famous names of industry like Aparna Mayekar, Asha Bhosle, Amit Kumar, Sulakshana Pandit etc. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Chalta Chala Jaau Mein
2. Chinni Minni Chip
3. O Meri Jaane Jaan
4. Mister Ghanekar

Kishore Kumar is in full flow in this movie while playing the role of Retired Colonel Chajju Singh. He has a son named Chander (Amit Kumar) who is now of a marriageable age. Therefore he arranges his marriage with Vishambhar Nath’s (Madan Puri) only daughter named Pinky (Jaya Sudha). Meanwhile he is summoned by one of his best friend named Dagdu Bajrang (Mehmood). The reason behind this is to resolve a dispute over property which actually belongs to Colonel. Therefore he has to leave for Sunderban where he finds himself between the beauty of the place. Eventually he comes across a local beauty of Sunderban named Kamli (Yogeeta Bali).

She is so pretty that Chajju cannot resist himself from falling in love with her. Soon his love story is published in paper. Now he has to face the world, primarily his own relatives and friends. Vishambar Nath strongly criticise Chajju Singh’s act and also calls off the marriage of Chander and Pinky. Soon Chander goes to Sunderban and meets his father with Kamli who is much younger than Colonel. Later he seeks help of Dagdu Bajrang. Here Kamli asks him to leave for his son and Chajju with a heavy heart, agrees to leave. But Dagdu Bajrang hears this and decides to get both of them married after Chander and Pinky’s marriage.


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