Songs of Sawan Bhadon

Sawan Bhadon is a 1970 released romantic family drama movie. The movie is directed as well as produced by Mohan Sehgal. The movie was the debut film for Navin Nishcol and Rekha, who have played the lead roles in the film. The story of the film is written by Ali Raza. The rest of the starcast of the movie includes few of the famous names of bollywood industry such as Iftekhar, Jayshree T. and Ranjeet. Sonik-Omi are the music directors of the movie. Om Prakash Sharma and Master Sonik are the directors of this film, who are famous with the name of Sonik-Omi. The songs of the film are rendered by the renowned playback singers of bollywood industry named Mohammed Rafi, Usha Khanna and Asha Bhonsle. Rekha made her debut with this film and she made a strong impact on people with her acting skills in the film.

The songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Sun sun sun o
2. Mera man ghabraaye
3. Hai nazar baaz
4. Ik dard utha
5. Kaan mein jhumka
6. Ankhiyaan na maar
7. Aankhein meri maikhana

Vikram (Navin Nishcol) is a young and dashing guy. He belongs to a wealth family and lives a carefree lifestyle. His family includes his father, mother and a younger sister named Dolly (Jayshree T.). Vikram is a stud and always keep changing his girlfriends like his clothes. Vikram does not believe in love and therefore never makes committment to any of his girlfriends. Vikram believes that he can never fall in love with any girl. Vikram’s parents wants him to get married. They want him to get settled in hius life. But Vikram never wants to get married. Vikram’s parents are worried about his future. They even force him to get married to a girl but he refuses.

Vikram then come across a beautiful girl named Chanda (Rekha). He decides to get her on bed with him at any cost. He learns that Chanda belongs to a poor family and urgently needs money. He offers a huge amount to Chanda for staying one night with him. Chanda refuses to accept his offer and slaps him hard on his face. Vikram feels very insulted and decides to get married with her. He convinces Chanda that he has amdly fallen in love with her. SOon Chanda also starts liking him and both of them decides to get married to each other. The marraige happen and just after that Chanda learns that she has committed the biggest mistake of her life by getting married to Vikram.


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