Songs of Sailaab

Madhuri Dixit and Aditya Pancholi starrer romantic drama “Sailaab” was released under the production of Surendra Jain on August 31, 1990 while the movie is directed by ace bollywood directed Deepak Bqalraj Vij. Other cast of the movie includes Kulbhushan Kharbanda, T P Jain, Manju Mishra, Shammi, Shafi Inamdaar, Sahila Chadda, Jamuna, Om Shiv Puri, C S Dube, Raj Tilak, Abbas, Guddu, Balram and Mohan. The music of the movie is composed and directed by Bappi Lahiri while the songs are sung by Sudesh Bhosle, Amit Kumar, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Anupama, Mangal Singh and Asha Bhosle.

The songs of bollywood movie Sailaab are listed below:

1. Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezaar, Koyi Aaye Leke Pyaar, Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezaar
2. Jhoome Hawayen Aur Jhoome Fizayen, Yeh Pyaar Ki Chali Hain Hawain
3. Mujhko Yeh Zindagi Lagti Hai, Bas Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma
4. Palkon Ke Tale, Hum Muskrak K Chale

The movie Sailaab come up with a refreshing story that is predominantly runs on the shoulders of Madhuri Dixit. The movie revolves around the life of Sushma Malhotra ( Madghhuri Dixit ), who is a doctor by profession. One day an unusual patient came under her treatment. The patient was Krishna ( Aditya Pancholi ), Krishna had lost his memory about his past life after an accident and is now under the rehabilitation process under Dr. Shushma. She consoled and helped him emotionally regain his mental balance that was destroyed after that accident.

Soon Krishna became healthy and he started liking Dr. Sushma, She also started developing feelings towards Krishna. Soon they got engaged and later they married. Both are very happy about their life and neither Krishna nor Sushma want to remember his past. One day a police inspector came to Shushma’s hospital and he warned her that her husband is a dreaded criminal and is after her life, but Shushma ignored this warning. One day Krishna nmet a small accident and this incident brought his lost memory back, now is when Krishna remembers that he is on a mission and he tried to kill Shushma. What happens next?


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