Songs of Sahara

M. Rajan, Meena Kumari and Kuldip Kaur starred classic movie ‘Sahara’ is a family drama movie whichw as directed by Lekhraj Bhakri. The movie was released in 1958 under the banner of Tasveeristan and other starcast included Kanhaiyalal, Badri Prasad, Leela Mishra, Niranjan Sharma, Sunder, Daisy Irani, Shakeel Nomani, Amir Banu, Kanchanamala, Manoj Kumar, Brahm Bhardwaj etc in important roles. The movie was produced by Kuldeep Sehgal whereas the screenplay and dialogues of the movie were given by Lekhraj Bhakri. Music of the movie was given by famous Hemanta Mukherjee and list of playback singers included Pratima Bannerjee, Lata Mangeshkar, Aarti Mukherjee, Bela Mukherjee and Hemanta Mukherjee.

Movie starts with an orphan girl named Leela (Meena Kumari) who is living alongwith her uncle named Vikram Singh (Badri Prasad), her aunt named Rangilibai (Leela Mishra) and a cousin sister named Kaushalya (Kammo). Her aunt is very cruel and always finds the moment in which she can gets angry with her. Later Rangilibai arranges her daughter, Kaushalya’s marriage with a wealthy landlord and also Leela has to go with her as a maid as a part of the dowry. But unfortunately for Rangilibai, landlord changes his mind and decides to marry Leela. As a result Leela gets married and moves into the landlord’s house. Later everything is going well until Leela is accused of having a lover.

Therefore she is asked to leave from the house. Now having no other options, she goes to Rangilibai’s house where she gets a shock when she is kicked out from there. Then she comes across a distant relative named Gaman Singh (Kanhaiyalal) who lives alongwith his wife named Swarupbai (Kuldip Kaur). He also offers her to stay at his house for which she agrees. Later Swarupbai blinds her with special eye-drops and then a blinded Leela is led through the streets and made to sit daily near the steps of a temple singing and begging for alms.


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