Songs Of Rut Rangeeli Ayee

Vijay Sharma and Kanan Kaushal starred movie ‘Rut Rangeeli Ayee’ is an action and crime drama which was directed by M.M. Pushkaran. The movie was released in 1972 under the banner of Roshan Films. Other starcast included Bharat Bhushan, Ramesh Deo, Brahmachari, Nana Palsikar, Rehman, Jayshree T., Shyama, Master Ratan, Madan Puri, Bari etc in mportant roles. The movie was produced by V.D. Kalra whereas it was written by B.C. Bekal. The music of the movie was given by Rattandeep Hemraaj and list of playback singers included Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle. Lyrics of the songs were written by Tajdar Taj and famous Hasrat Jaipuri. Hit songs of the movie are listed eblow:

1. Aji Ek Jarasa Kaam Karo
2. Koi Chal Diya Akela
3. Main To Champa Chameli

Movie starts with a guy named Santosh (Vijay Sharma) who lives a wealthy lifestyle alongwith his father who is an alcoholic compounder, his mother named Brijbala (Shyama) and a sister named Raksha (Jayshree T.). Later one day he comes across a young and attractive woman named Shanti (Kanan Kaushal) and as a result he falls in love with her. Whereas Shanti comes from a poor background and does not match with Santosh’s family’s expectations. Soon he gets married with her and she moves into his house. But on the other hand, his mother does not likes Shanti at all as she has always wanted a wealthy daughter-in-law.

Shanti has to face the wrath of her mother-in-law ends after Brijbala makes a secret deal with Kundanlal (Nana Palsikar) who is Shanti’s father and she becomes pregnant. But unfortunately, he does not live up to the deal and also Santosh comes to know that the child is not his. More abuse resumes for Shanti in the house. Later Kundanlal is informed that his daughter has been run-over by a truck and killed instantly which leaves him devastated. After a long time, one day Raksha finds that Shanti is still alive and pregnant and also she calls herself as Sharda. Now she is living with a truck driver goon named Mangudada (Ramesh Deo).


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