Songs of Rootha Na Karo

Rootha Na Karo is a 1970 released family comedy drama. The movie stars Shashi Kapoor and Nanda in lead roles while the rest of the starcast includes names of Kumari Naaz, Tun Tun, Sulochana Latkar, Rajendra Nath, Aruna Irani, Jayshree T. and Laxmi Chhaya. The movie is directed by Sunder Dar and produced by Bishwanath Prasad Shahbadi. The original music of the movie is composed by C. Ramachandra. Former bollywood playback singers named Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar etc have givne their sweet voices to the hit romantic songs of the movie. The movie is best remebered for the excellent acting show of Shashi Kapoor and Nanda in the film. Shashi Kapoor has proved once again in the film that he is excellent in romantic roles. Nanda has also done her part in a very expressive way. The support stars of the film have also done justice with their roles. The movie also has a strong storyline and some very melodious songs.

The songs of the movie are:

1. Aap ka chehra
2. Dil mera le gayi
3. Mera dil hai
4. Mere saqiya mera
5. Rootha na karo
6. Tum bhi khoobsurat
7. Tumhare rooth jaane

Sudhir (Shashi Kapoor) is a young and handsome guy who lives a carefree lifestyle. Sudhir is the most famous guy of his college. Infact, every girl of his college has approached him for getting into a relationship. But Sudhir never cares for their feeling and everytime refuse to accept their love proposals. Sudhir is actually waiting for her dream girl. Then enters a beautiful girl named Neeta (Nanda) in the college. Sudhir falls in love with Neeta at very first sight. Sudhir decides that only Neeta will be his lifepartner. Neeta too falls for Sudhir’s charm. Sudhir expressess his love to Neeta but to his shock, she refuse to accept his love offer. Sudhir feels hurted with her refusal.

Neeta also realises that she is also in love with Sudhir. Neeta then expressess her love to Sudhir and soon they both madly fall in love with each other. There is also a character named Naina (Kumaari Naaz) in the film. Naina is madly in love with Sudhir but have never expressed her love to him. She reveals about the love affair of Sudhir and Neeta. She stars feeling jealous from Neeta. Naina then express her love to Sudhir but he does not reciprocate her love at all. Naina then tries to create misunderstanding between Sudhir and Neeta. Whether Naina will get succeed in the applications of her cruel intentions.


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