Songs of Red: The Dark Side

Bollywood movie, Red: The Dark Side is a 2007 released romantic murder mystery. The movie is directed by Vikram Bhatt and produced by Sunil Chainani. The strong storyline of the movie is written by Manoj Tyagi. The movie stars Aftab Shivdasani, Celina Jaitely and Amrita Arora in lead role while Sushant Singh, Anuj Saxena, Amin Hajee, Ajay Jadhav and Kishore Shahane have played supporting roles in the film. The music of the movie is composed by Himesh Reshammiya. Raju Rao has given the background score in the film. Most of the songs are rendered by Himesh Reshammiya himself. The other singers who have lend their voices for the songs are Harshdeep Kaur, Jayesh Gandhi and Akriti Kakkar. The movie was proved out to be a big disaster at box office. Celina and Amrita have given some very hot scenes in the film. The movie was quite a rage among people before its release but the poor acting show from all the actors in the film leads to its failure.

The songs of the movie are:

1. Aafreen tera chehra
2. Aameen aameen
3. Ek tum hi
4. Dil ne ye na
5. Loneliness is killing

Neil Oberoi (Aftab Shifdasani) is a wealthy person living a luxurious lifestyle. But he has a weak heart and therefore is in need of a new heart. Neil requires to have a new strong heart for undergoing the heart transplant. He finally manage to get a donor Anuj Saxena (Anuj Saxena). Anuj has a beautiful girlfriend named Anahita (Celina Jaitely). Anuj meets with an accident and dies. Neil Oberoi gets the heart of Anuj. Neil then comes across Anahita and ends up falling in love with her. Meanwhile, Police reveals that Anuj’s accident was already planned and he was infact murdered. Police then keeps a close eye on Neil and Anahita. Police suspects Neil and Anahita’s friend Ria Malhotra (Amrita Arora).

ACP Abhay Rastogi (Sushant Singh) then starts his investigation over Neil and Ria’s relationship. He learns that Neil is actually in love with Anahita and not Ria. On the other hand, Neil is madly in love with Anahita and he has completely forgotten Ria. When Ria confronts him about this matter, he simply asked her to get out from his life. But little does he knows is that Anahita is just using him for her own benefits. But soon, Neil starst suspecting Anahita for some reasons. He keeps a close eye on her and get shocked to learn that Anahita is the killer of her husband, Anuj.


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