Songs of Raaz - The Mystery Continues

Emraan Hashmi, Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut starred movie ‘Raaz - The Mystery Continues’ is a horror movie which was directed by Mohit suri. The movie was released on 23rd January, 2009 under the banner of Sony BMG. Other starcast included Chintan Sarda, Jackie Shroff, Dinesh Lamba, Anupam Shyam, Vicky Ahuja, J Brandon Hill, Sandeep Sikand etc in important roles. The movie was produced by Mahesh Bhatt Productions and Vishesh Films whereas it was written by Shagufta Rafique. List of playback singers included Toshi, Sonu Nigam, Kay Kay, Krishna etc. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Maahi
2. Soniye
3. O Jaana
4. Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai
5. O Banda Re

Movie starts with David Cooper (J Brandon Hill) who visits to the temple in Kalindi at mid-night where he sees the priest of the temple in a very horriblr condition who has written ‘Om’ on his body and his blood is spreading everywhere. Then the story turns to Nandita (Kangana Ranaut) who is a model. She is in love with Yash (Adhyayan Suman) who is a director and host of the reality show named ‘Andhvishwas‘. One day Nandita sees Prithvi (Emraan Hashmi) who is continuosly staring at her in a mall. Later he meets her in his apartment lift and tries to see her his paintings which he has painted four years ago and which also included her sketch. Actually Prithvi has a super power to paint the future in his paintings. Later Nandita gets the mental attack by which she loses her mental balance for sometime.

Later Prithvi paints another picture of her which shows that she is getting mobbed. He quickly runs to the fashion show where Nandita is going to perform. There she attacks on the spiritual guru (Vicky Ahuja) saying “Tum Ashudh Ho, Sadh Chuke Ho”. Soon Prithvi paints another painting in which he sees that Nandita is hanging on a wall where the same lines have writtten. So he decides to save her life and he also gets successful. Then Nandita decides to find the reason behind all this and she with Prithvi go to Kalindi where she meets the priest’s wife who is now a prostitute. She tells that her husband was an evil man and it is good that he has died. Then they move ahead but attacked by animals. Nandita gets out of the vehicle and she jumps in the near well.


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