Songs of Paap

John Abraham and Udita Goswami starrer “Paap” was directed by Pooja Bhatt and was released on January 30, 2004. The movie was produced by Sujit Kumar Singh and Pooja Bhatt under the banner of Fish Eye Network Pvt Ltd and Shreya Creations. Other casts of the movie includes Mohan Agashe, Gulshan Grover, Puneet, Munish Makhija, Denzil Smith, Anahita Uberoi, Madan, Sandeep Mehta, Ehsan Baksh, Anupam Shyam, Mukesh Bhatt , Vikram , apadia, Aishwarya Mehta, Hussain, Pinky, and Mehmood. The melodious music is given by Anu Malik, Shahi, Ali Azmat, and Music Mushrooms. Songs of the movie are sung by Anuradha Paudwal, Rahat  Fateh Ali Khan,  Ali Azmat, Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan, and Udit Narayan.

Songs of the Bollywood movie Paap are listed below:
1.    Tere-Mere Pyaar Ki Bandh Gayi Jab Ye Dor Macha
2.    Garaj Baras Saawan Ghir Aayo, Dekho Kaise Anajaane Rasaton
3.    O Laagi Tum Se Man Ki Lagan, Lagan Laagi Tum Se
4.    Sun Ai Mere Dil Mera Jeena Na Mushqil Bana
5.    Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar, Meri Subahon Ko Teri Shaamon Ka

The story is about a girl living with the monks and saints of Himanchal. She is far away from the materialistic pleasures and feelings of love and lust. But when get in contact with a guy, her feelings arose. She does things which she ha never thought of. The story starts when the religious head of Spiti monastery in Himanchal ahd a vision. He saw his master’s reincarnation in a six year old boy Llahmo ( Madan ) in Delhi. So he sends his step daughter Kaya ( Udita Goswami ) to bring him to the monastery. Kaya is a young girl who is taught by her father ( Dr. Mohan Agashe ) to stay away from the feelings which fosters in her age. But she does not have accord with her father and waits for love. Llahmo gets involved in a murder case in the city and is a key witness. The case is investigated by an honest police officer Shiven ( John Abraham ).

She is bold and yells her philosophy of reincarnation, sacrifice, and serenity which always clashes with the thoughts of Shiven. Although she yells at him but she couldn’t resist herself from being attracted to him. Well the case became complicated and dangerous. So Shiven had no option except sending the Kaya and Llahmo to where they want to go i.e. Spiti. In the process of escaping he gets badly hurt and needed medication to survive. He had to stay in the monastery for until he got healed completely. This led to the development of his feelings toward Kaya. They were so intensively involved that Kaya’s father gets worried. He thinks Kaya should take the path he has decided for her. Soon the violence reached the valley and Kaya had to make a choice. Whether she will run away to get the happiness of her life or she will stay to secure the happiness of her next life. The movie is made very boldly and have good story. But John could not bring the character on to himself. Although Udita did a fine skin show but the movie was a failure.


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