Songs of Paap Ki Saza

Hemant Birje and Upasna Singh starrer action bollywood movie “Paap Ki Saza” was released under the production of K Thyagarajan in the year of 1989 while the movie is directed by Ranjit Jain. The other important cast that played important roles in the story of the movie includes Brijesh, Bharat Kapoor and Rajender Nath. The movie comes up with wonderful music that was composed and directed by Bappi Lahiri while the songs were sung by Anupama, Deshpande, Sapna Mukherjee and Nitin Mukesh.

The songs of bollywood movie Paap Ki Saza are listed below:

1. Dua Kya Rang Laai Hai Nasheeli Raat Aai Hai, Nasha Kya Dil Pe Chhaaya Hai
2. Gory Gory Rang Hai
3. Hey Saraswati Mata, Mujhe Itna Gyaan Tu Dede Mere Mata
4. Husn Samne Hai Tere Raja Kyun Na Ho Fida
5. Main Kaisi Lagti Hoon, Zara Batao Mujhe
6. Mere Liye Dukh Sahe Par Tere Liye Such Mangunga

The movie paap Ki Saza comes up with an ordinary story thathas nothing special to offer to the audiences. The direction of the movie is also lackluster with an average screenplay, the movie falters at the very basic ingredient and that is substance in the script. The movie revolves around the life of two businessmen Bharat Kapoor and Vinod Nagpal. They are very wealthy persons and now they have earned respect in every aspect of their life. Both are very good griends of each other and they do most of their activities together.

The twist in the movie comes when they are charged of raping a young lady who came seeking for a job opportunity from them, and later they also murdered the girl. Their whole business came down tumbling and they also lost all the respect they earned. Hemant Birj, the brother of the victim ans his sister played by Upasna Khosla now wants to seek revenge from the two. They started planning their course of action. The movie is filled with action that also looks completely out of context. Overall the movie is a below average affair.


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