Songs of Paap Ka Ant

Govinda, Madhuri Dixit and Rajesh Khanna starred movie ‘Paap Ka Ant’ is an action movie which was directed by Vijay Reddy. The movie was released on 8th December, 1989 and the other starcast included Vikas Anand, G. Asrani, Birbal, Dinesh Hingoo, Anupam Kher, Viju Khote, Lalita Kumari, Jagdish Raj, Ranjeet, Tej Sapru, Mahavir Shah, Gurbachchan Singh, Mac Mohan etc in supporting roles. The movie was produced by Gautam Bokadia whereas the music of the movie was given by famous music director and composer Bappi Lahiri. The list of playback singers included Kavita Krishnamurthy and Mohammad Aziz. The movie went to do good business at the box office. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Dewaane Dil Ke Dewaane
2. Koi Wada Koi Iqrar Na Kiya
3. Zindagi Ne Kiye
4. Hum Tum Dance Karenge
5. Ishq Tere Ne

Movie starts with Jyoti who is an advocate and practices law in Bombay High Court. Once she meets with Khanna who is the Deputy Commissioner of Police and falls in love with him. He also loves him and they plan to marry soon till they have to wait. Here Khanna gets a case in which he has to investigate about the murder. So starts investigating the triple homicide and soon comes to a result which takes him to conclude that the murders were committed by Vikram and a gangster named Shakaal (Ranjeet). So he arrests Vikram and Shakaal. Very soon they both are going to be presented in the court for further hearing, but Khanna is killed before the hearing. The evidence are turned over in the court at the time of hearing which which lets both the accused go free.

Jyoti who is shocked and devastated by the death of Khanna decides to take revenge from Shakaal and Vikram. She pursue her investigations in which she comes to know that Vikram is the son of a powerful minister named Prajapati. She also comes to know that Shakaal is also under that minister. She decides to go public against Prajapati. But what she does not know that Prajapati can do anything with her. Jyoti is abducted alongwith her sister named Nisha by his men and Nisha is gang raped by Shakaal and his men. Now Nisha is unable to live a normal life after her rape. Now its upto Jyoti whether she will avenge Khanna’s death as well as the rape and abduction of Nisha or not.


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