Songs Of Opera House

Saroja Devi B. and Ajit starred movie ‘Opera House’ is an action and crime packed drama movie which was directed by P.L. Santoshi. The movie was released in 1961 under the banner of A.G. Films. Other starcast included Leela, K.N. Singh, Maruti Rao, Lalita Pawar, Bela Bose, Mumtaz Begum, Johnny Whisky, Balam etc in significant roles. The movie was produced by A.A. Nadiadwala whereas the music was rendered by famous Chitra Gupta. List of playback singers included Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh, Mohammad Rafi etc. Lyrics of the songs were written by famous lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Balma Manne Na
2. Dekho Mausam

Movie starts with a young woman named Saroj Sharma (Saroja Devi B.) who lives a poor lifestyle in Nagpur alongwith her mother named Leela Sharma (Lalita Pawar) who is a widow. Also she has a younger sister named Nanhi (Leela). She is always in search of a job in order to earn for the family. Later one she gets a job in Bombay as a singer and dancer. Now she has to relocate Bombay which she does and there she comes across a young man named Ajit Rai (Ajit). Later both of them continously meet frequently and eventually fall in love. Then she comes to know that Ajit is the younger brother of Ranjit who is the owner of the drama/dance company.

But their romance does not lasts too long as she has to return to Nagpur due to circumstances. She comes back to Nagpur without informing Ajit. Later she seek employment with another dance/drama company which is run by Chunilal. Here Ajit is so desperate to meet Saroj and then he decides to follow her to Nagpur. Soon he visits her mother and sister where he is shocked to know that Saroj is also here. Later he manages to locate the dance/drama company and soon meets with Saroj. Again he is surprised to know that she has changed her name to Mary D’Souza. Later Ajit comes across the truth that Saroj has witnesses the muder of Chunnilal and the killers are now on their way to kill her too.


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