Songs of Nazar Ke Samne

Akshay Kumar and Farheen starred movie ‘Nazar Ke Samne’ is a family drama which was directed by Jagdish A. Sharma. The movie was released on 11th November, 1994 under the banner of Tanushree Films. Other starcast included Ekta Sohini, Mukesh Khanna, Kiran Kumar, Dalip Tahil, Ashok Saraf, Anjana Mumtaz, Dharmesh Tiwari, Master Siddharth etc who played supporting roles in the movie. The movie was produced by Jai Sharma whereas the dialogues were written by Naeem-Ejaz. The story and screenplay of the movie were written by S. Khan. Music of the movie was given by Deepak Kapoor and Mahesh-Kishore. List of playback singers included Mohammed Aziz, Abhijeet, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Kumar Sanu and Sadhana Sargam. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Nazar Ke Saamne
2. Gumsum Mat Raho Ae
3. Khwaabon Ka Haqeeqat Se
4. Mat Ja Jaane
5. Main Awaara Hoon

Movie starts with Jai Kumar (Akshay Kumar) who becomes an eye witness for any case for a good amount of money. A case of murder against Umesh (Dharmesh Tiwari) is going on in the court. Umesh is a press reporter by profession. His mother and wife hires a reputed a lawyer named Sangram Singh Sahni (Kiran Kumar) who agrees to fight this case without charging any fees from them. After that the case is going into Umesh’s favour untill Jai comes and gives his false statement that he has seen the murder commited by Umesh as he was present in his balcony right opposite the venue of the murder. Then Umesh is found guilty and sentenced to death.

Umesh has a sister named Sarita (Farheen) who returns home after completing her education. There she gets a shock to know that her brother is in jail and soon is going to be hanged till death. She comes to know the whole story that Jai has made a false statement in court. She goes to Jai to ask him to change his testimony in court. But Jai refuses to do so. Later Jai comes to know the ups and downs in Umesh’s family and he goes to advocate Sahni but once again Sahni becomes fail to get Umesh innocent. Now Jai takes on himself to reveal the mask of the real killer of the Newspaper Editor. He takes the help of a prostitute named Chamiya (Ekta Sohini) and then meets with a sharbatwala named Badshah Khan (Mukesh Khanna).


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