Songs Of Nasoor

Under the direction of Ashok Chopra, the movie ‘Nasoor’ was released on May 28th, 1985. The genre of the movie falls under the category of social drama. The movie was produced by Adarsh Chopra alongwith B. K. Adarsh under the banner of Sri Adarsh Arts. Leading stars in the movie were K. K. Raina, Om Puri, Reema Lagoo and Achyut Poddar. On the other side, significant suppoerting roles were played by Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Arun Bakshi, Shivraj, Jyotsna Karekar, Harbans Darshan M. Arora, Vikas Anand, Priya Tendulkar etc. The music was rendered by B. K. Adarsh whereas story was written by Mohan Kaul including Vasant Dev as dialogues writer.

Yet another blistering performance of Om Puri. He plays as Dr. Sunil Gupta in the movie. He is a gynaecologist at Prakash Nursing Home and also owns 50 percent partnership alongwith Dr. Hira whoes role is played by Achyut Poddar. Whereas Sunil’s father was also a doctor at Nasik. He used to give free treatment to the needy people and as a result he found himself in debt. Hira is a doctor by profession but he is more of businessman. Later Sunil has fallen in love with Dr.Yashoda, played by Priya Tendulkar. She works as a senior RMO in the Kasturba Municipal Hospital. But she has to deal with many problems as the doctors are irresponsible here.

The doctors of Kasturba Municipal Hospital are always short of services, experts and medicines. This also leads to the frequent strikes in the hospital. Later Sunil also falls in business and starts thinking of more money to maintain his social status. This strikes their relationship as Yashoda is still interested in treating patients. Later Sunil gets a case of a minister’s daughter-in-law named Mrs. Manjula Mohile (Reema Lagoo) who is pregnant. Hira asks him to give special attention to her. Sunil does so and later finds he can only save one, either mother or the child. So he decides to save mother. Later the minister files a complaint against Sunil in medical council.


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