Songs Of Mem Sahib

Shammi Kapoor, Kishore Kumar and Meena Kumari starred movie ‘Mem Sahib’ is a comedy packed movie which was directed by R.C. Talwar. The movie was released in 1956 under the banner of Talwar Films. Other starcast included Pratima Devi, Munna Bai, Maya Dass, Mehmood, Shivraj, Randhir, Om Prakash, Kumkum, Gani, Nagpal etc in signifivant roles. The movie was produced by R.C. Talwar whereas he had also written the screenplay of the movie. Dialogues were written by Ramanand Sagar and J.S. Kasshyap whereas music was rendered by Madan Mohan. List of playback singers included Asha Bhosle, Talat Mehmood and Kishore Kumar. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Dil Dil Se Milakar Dekho
2. Hamari Gali Aana
3. Ishq Ek Zahar Sahi
4. Kehta Hai Dil
5. Pyar Ki Ghadiyan

Movie starts with a young girl named Meena (Meena Kumari) who lives a wealthy lifestyle alongwith her uncle. She is an orphan and has been brought up by her indulgent uncle. Also her marriage has been fixed with another guy when both of them were too young by their parents. Years later both of them are seperated from each other. That boy named Sunder (Kishore Kumar) has grown up to be a devotee in an ashram. Whereas Meena is independent and intelligent having lots of friends and their philosophies about life are much different. Here Meena meets a young guy named Manohar (Shammi Kapoor) and falls in love with him. Also she has decided to marry with him.

What she does not knows that Manohar is eyeing for her wealth. Here Sunder comes to know about his marriage with Meena in childhood, he is now ready to leave it and marry her. He comes to his sinful world with his holy books and ideas. He meets with Meena and finds that she will not get fit in his way of ideas. Also both of them engage in a lengthy debate over traditional versus modern ways of living. Later her uncle tells Sunder that Meena will never accept a saint as her husband and therefore he decides to become modern just like Manohar resulting some hillarious situations.


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