Songs of Manokaamna

Rajkiran and Madhu Kapoor starrer bollywood movie “Manokaamna” was released under the production of Tarachand Barjatya in the year of 1980 while the movie is directed by the duo of Kedar Kapoor and Kidar Kapoor. The genre of the movie falls into the category of family drama movies. The supporting cast of the movie that played significant roles includes Urmila Bhatt, Kalpana Iyer, Jaginder and Sahil Chaturvedi. The melodious music of the movie is composed and directed by Bappi Lahiri while the songs are sung by many bollywood singers. The lyrics of the movie are given by Indivar.

The songs of bollywood movie Manokaamna are listed below:

1. Pyaar Chaahiye Mujhe Jine Ke Liye, Mujh Ko Har Ghadi Didaar Chaahiye, Tumhaara Pyaar Chaahiye Mujhe Jine Ke Liye

The movie Manokaamna comes up as a family drama story that revolves around the same plot that is beaten to death in the bollywood industry, a poor girl falls in love with a rich guy and then problems starts creeping in. The story of the movie revolves around the life of a young girl Gauri ( Madhu Kapoor ) who lived with the family of her maternal uncle Pandey ( T.P. Jain ) after the death of her parents. They lived a very poor life style as her uncle was a peon in the office of Forest Officer Jain ( Gajanan Jagirdar ), her aunt Parvati ( Shobha Khote ) also worked as a domestic help at his house.

Their life was going as usual until the day Jain completed his service and retired from the post. A new officer was appointed in his place, Vikas Kashyap ( Raj Kiran ) a young and dynamic man. He comes from a rich family background and lived a luxurious life. His family consists of his mother and two married brothers. He started living in the staff quarters and was helped by Gauri’s uncle and aunt. The twist in the movie comes when he comes across Gauri, he started liking her and both fell in love with each other. In the mean while his mother also came to the village to start living with him. What happens next?


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