Songs of Love You Hamesha

Bollywood movie, Love You Hamesha is a 2001 released musical romantic film. The movie is directed by Kailash Surendranath. The movie is produced by Vijay Amritraj. The movie is inspired from a Tamil movie titled May Madham which was released in the year 1994. The story of the film is written by Sanjay Chhel, Manoj Lalwani and Vivek Sharma. The movie stars Akshaye Khanna and Sonali Bendre in lead roles. Some renowned artists of bollywood industry such as Riya Sen, Rohit Ball, Ketan Desai, Reshma Malik, Nirupa Roy, Dalip Tahil, Lilette Dubey, Vijayendra Ghatge and Seema Kelkar have also played important characters in the film. The music of the film is composed by A. R. Rahman. The soundtrack of the film features few melodious songs. The lyrics of the film is written by Anand Bakshi. Akshaye Khanna has done a prominent act in the film while Sonali Bendre as usual has looked gorgeous in the movie. Bollywood sexy damsel, Riya Sen has also done a special appearance in the film in the role of Akshaye’s fiancee.

The songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Sone ka patang
2. Gup Chup Baatein
3. Ek ladki thi
4. Botal tod de
5. Yaad teri bewafai
6. Love you hamesha

Shaurat (Akshaye Khanna) is known for being the most charming guy around in his college. Many girls have approached him with love letters but he never really fall for any girl. Shaurat is a spoilt son of a rich family. But despite of being a spoilt guy, Shaurat possess a good character in the college. Shaurat is a kind hearted guy in reality. Shaurat is in search of his dream girl. Shaurat then comes across a beautiful girl named, Shivani (Sonali Bendre). Shaurat instantly falls in love with her. Shivani is a reserved kind of a girl who belongs to a middle class family. Shaurat propose Shivani but she straightaway refuse to accept his love proposal.

Shaurat decides to make another try. He goes to meet Shivani but ends up listeing the chat betwen Shivani and her friend. Shaurat reveals that Shivani too loves him. Shaurat confronts Shivani and ask her for the reason behind her refusal. Shivani tells him that she refused his proposal becuase of his wealthy background. Shaurat convince her about his true love and soon the romance blossoms between the two. But a small misundertanding leads to the break up of Shaurat and Shivani. Shivani’s father arranges her marriage with Samrat (Amitabh Nanda). Shaurat too gives his nod for getting married with Meghna (Riya Sen).


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