Songs of Love Love Love

Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla starred bollywood movie ‘Love Love Love’ is a romantic movie which was produced and directed by Babbar Subhash. The movie was released in 1989 and other starcast included Gulshan Grover, Dalip Tahil, Om Shivpuri, Sarla Yeolekar, Anand Balraj, Jaya Mathur, Chandrashekhar, Shashi Kiran, Dr. Ved Thappar, Raza Murad etc in supporting roles. The lyrics of the songs were written by Anjaan. The music of the movie was given by famous music composer and singer Bappi Lahiri and list of playback singers included Vijay Benedict, Shobha Joshi, Asha Bhosle and Parvati Khan. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Jeena Hai Pyar Mein Jeena
2. We Are in Love
3. Hum To Hain Dil Ke Diwane
4. Disco Dandia
5. Na Chithiyan Na Koi Sandesa

Movie starts with Amit Verma (Aamir Khan) who is an honest and hard working young guy. He is the son of an honest and poor taxi driver (Dalip Tahil) and his mother is Shanti Verma (Sarla Yeolekar). He also has a sister named Munni Verma (Baby Guddu). Recently he attends the National College where he first meets and falls in love with Reema Goswami (Juhi Chawla). Reema is the daughter of Mr. Goswami (Om Shivpuri) who is a businessman having partnership with Sudhirbhai (Raza Murad) who is having underworld contact. Sudhirbhai is having a son named Vikram (Gulshan Grover) who also studies in the same college and hopes that he will marry Reema one day. But Reema also has fallen in love with Amit and when Vikram comes to know about them he warns Amit.

But his warning goes in vain as they both continue to meet. Later Vickram complaints his father regarding them and he threatens Amit’s father get his son to forget Reema. He even destroys one of his cabs using a bomb which results in Verma does manage to convince his son to forget Reema. But after sometime they start meeting again. Then sudhirbhai threatens Reema that he will either killed or seriously injured Amit. Therefore she agrees to marry with Vikram as she does not want to risk the life of Amit.


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