Songs of Leela Chitnis

Leela Chitnis was a famous bollywood actress of 1930s and 1940s. She was born on 9th September, 1909 at Dharwar, Karnataka. Her father was an English Literature Professor and part of a Marathi theatre company which was called Natyamanwantar. She was involved in acting from a very small age. Her early stage work included comedy Usna Navra (1934) with her own film group Udyacha Sansar. She was the first graduate society-lady from Maharastra according to the ‘Times of India’. She married but later divorced her husband. She had four children and started acting to support her children. In the begining, she was used to work as an extra and stunt woman.
Hit songs of Leela Chitnis are listed below:

1. Ham Kyon Bataayen - Char Aankhen
2. Ab Kiske Sahaare - Manorama
3. Bata Do Koi Kaun Gali - Kanchan
4. Jal Bhare Chali Ri - Kangan
5. Kaise Chhipoge Ab Tum - Bandhan
6. Mausam Aaya Hai - Ghar Ki Rani
7. Mera Babua Mera Mithua - Azad
8. Preet Na Jaane Kabhi - Chhaya
9. Mera Jiya Dole Re - Jhoola
10. Jamuna Ke Us Paar - Kanchan

She had already made her debutin the movies and mark as an actress on the silver screen when Times of India publicized her. She had worked in many movies under some banners such as Prabhat Pictures, Pune and Ranjit Movietone before going in Bombay Talkies to be the leading lady. There she overtake another superhit actress Devika Rani. She was shot to the stardom after her association with Bombay Talkies. Her pair with actor Ashok Kumar who was the leading actor of that time was also became favourite for many directors. Movie director Ram Daryani gave her a chance in the movie ‘Gentleman Daku’ in 1937 in which she plays a polished crook dressed in male apparel. By the time she became the first star to endorse the popular Lux soap brand.

Leela Chitnis has played the role of Radha in the movie Kangan in 1939 opposite Ashok Kumar alongwith V.H. Desai, Saroj Borkar and Nana Palsikar. She played the lead role as the adopted daughter of a Hindu priest in love with the son of a local landlord who opposes the relationship and threatens the holy man. She gave a series of box office hits such as Azad (1940), Bandhan (1940) and Jhoola (1941). Her career began to see a downfall in mid 1940s because of the new leading actresses. She started to play motherly roles mostly for Dilip Kumar. She created the archetype of the bollywood mother which was carried out by later actresses. She migrated to the United States in late 1980s. She died on 14th July, 2003 at the age of 93 in Danbury, Connecticut at a nursing home.


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