Songs of Khoon Ka Badla Khoon

Vinod Khanna, Mahendra Sandhu and Asha Sachdeva starrer bollywood movie “Khoon Ka Badla Khoon” was released under the production of Ratan Mohan in the year of 1978 while the movie was directed by K Parvez. The genre of the movie falls into the category of action cum thriller movies. The supporting cast of the movie that played important roles in the characterization of various characters includes Agha, Bindu, Iftekhar, Bhagwan and Maruti. The melodious music of the movie is composed and directed by O P Nayyar while the songs are sung by Pushpa Pagdhare, Uttara Kelkar, Vani Jayaram and Mohammed Rafi.

The songs of bollywood movie Khoon Ka Badla Khoon are listed below:

1. Pyaar Bhara Kajara Aankhiyon Mein Daal Ke
2. Saaqi Ki Nigaahon Seae Jee Hoga Kya Aage
3. Zulf Lehraayi To Saawan Ka Mahina Aa Gaya
4. Badan Gora Haseen Jalwetumko Deewaana Meri Jaaan
5. Ghar Apna Bangaal Aur Bambai Mein Hai Sasuraal
6. Ham Yateemon Ke Jaisa Bhi Sansaar Main Koi Bachcha
7. Kisko Gale Lagaaye Dil Kiska Todiye

The movie Khoon Ka Badla Khoon comes up as an action packed movie that revolves around the tension between two families. The movie wonderfully demonstrated the action sequences with a thrilling experience. The movie bears an ordinary story line that is beaten to death in the bollywood arena. The movie was narrated by popular bollywood director K Pervez, he had done a commendable job in presenting this ordinary story with a great screenplay. Even without big stars he was able to make the movie a good entertainer. He started his career with Salaam Memsaheb in 1961 and never looked back.

Some of his hit ventures include Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye, Duniya Nachegi and Raj Mahal. The production of the movie was done by Ratan Mohan, he has movies like Sangram and Shararat in his kitty. The leading characters in the movie are played by lesser known actors Mahendra Sandhu and Asha Sachdev. Mahendra has done quite a few movies over his career. He started his career in 1973 with a movie called Sweekar and later worked I many movies like Madhosh, Chalu Mera Naam and Jaandaar. While his counterpart Asha Sachdev has worked in movies like Double Cross, Pandit Aur Pathan, The Burning Train etc.


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