Songs of Katha

Farooq Sheikh, Deepti Naval, Naseruddin Shah and Malika Sarabhai starrer comedy drama “Katha” was released under the production of Suresh Jindal in the year 1983. The movie was directed by Sai Paranjpe. Other star cast includes Jalal Aga, Tinu Anand, Sudha Chopra, Rita Rani Kaul, SarikaArun Joglekar and Yatin Karyekar. Music direction of the film is led by Rajkamal and the singer used was Kishore Kumar.

Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Kaun Aaya Kaun Aaya
2. Kya Hua Kya Hua
3. Maine Tumse Kuchh Nahin Manga
4. Tum Sundar Ho

The story is about a man Rajaram P. Joshi ( Naseeruddin Shah ) who lives in a middle class family situated in Mumbai. He is a clerk by profession. He is a man who uses to live in his own. He used to see his neighbor Karnik ( Deepti Naval ) daily. Slowly he started to love her. But he is not getting those guts to say it to her. He remained silent and said nothing. He hides his each and every feeling inside him. One day a man named Bashudev ( Farooq Shaikh ) comes to his home. He used to talk a lot. He is also a man completely opposite to Rajaram.

Bashudev sees Karnik and starts liking her. Now the movie takes a big turn as the man who really loves her is not getting the guts to say anything and the man who has just arrived tried to test his luck in her. Soon after that she was going to marry someone. At that time during her engagement everyone found that Bashudev was missing from that place. No one really bothered about that thing at that time but his reality is revealed when everyone gets to know that Karnik was pregnant. Story of the movie was liked by a lot of people. The movie was very much appreciated by the audience.


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