Songs of Kasak

Lucky Ali and Meera starred bollywood movie ‘Kasak’ is a drama movie which was directed by Rajiv Babbar. The movie was released on 22nd July, 2005 under the banner of Archana Media Pvt. Ltd. Other starcast included Mukesh Tiwari, Nandini, Vikas Anand, Rana Jung Bahadur, Puneet Issar, Anjana Mumtaz, Tej Sapru etc in important roles. The story of the movie was given by Rajiv Babbar whereas the screenplay was written by Rajiv Babbar, Sanjay Masoom and Neeraj Vora. The dialogues were given by Sanjay Masoom whereas the music was given by Tausif Akhtar. Songs of the movie were rendered by Lucky Ali, Shreya Ghoshal, Gayatri Iyer, M.M. Kreem, Madhushree, Anuradha Paudwal and Jagjit Singh. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Saansein Madhham Hain
2. Tod Diya
3. Yeh Zindagi
4. Bechainiyon Mein Lamha
5. Main Na Janoo

Movie starts with Amar Sharma (Lucky Ali) who lives a poor lifestyle alongwith his mother. His mother was diagnosed with diabetes and he became her caretaker and nurse during his childhood. But now she has gone to coma which is much more worse condition for him. His mother continued to be ill in his dault age. Later one day his mother passes away due to coma. After that he is offered a job from the same hospital as he has the experiance which he had gained looking after his mother. Soon he joins and is assigned to take care of the patients who are in deep comas. One of his coma patients is the owner of this hospital and she does recover due to his love and affection.

When she comes to know about Amar’s love and care, she became very impress with him and also presents him a cheque of rupees one crore. Later he married with a beautiful nurse by the name of Anjali Mehra (Meera). He also buys a spacious house to live in with her. But soon he gets a shock when Anjali reveals her true identity and her aim to get married him. She wants her wealth and later throws out of his house. Amar finds work of a criminal nature with Captain Singh (Puneet Issar) and soon makes enough money to last more than his lifetime.


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