Songs of Jagte Raho

Raj Kapoor, Pradeep Kumar, Smriti Biswas and Sulochana Chatterjee starred movie ‘Jagte Raho’ is a drama movie which was directed by Amit Mitra and Sombhu Mitra. The movie was released in 1956 under the banner of R.K. Films Ltd. Other starcast included Sumitra Devi, Pahadi Sanyal, Daisy Irani, Nemo, Motilal, Nana Palsikar, Iftekhar, Bhupendra Kapoor, Moni Chatterjee, Rashid Khan, S.N. Banerjee, Pran etc in supporting roles. The movie was produced by Raj Kapoor whereas the story and screenplay of the movie were written by Amit Mitra. The music was given by famous Salil Chaudhary and Balbir, Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, Sandhya Mukerjee, Mukesh and Mohammad Rafi sang the songs. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Ae Wai Duniya Deve Duhaayi
2. Thandi Thandi Saawan Ki Puhaar
3. Jaago Mohan Pyaare Jaago
4. Zindagi Khwaab Hai

Movie starts with a peasant (Raj Kapoor) who is very poor and decides to re-locates to Bombay in hopes of improving his lifestyle. He comes in the city penniless. Then at the time of night, he gets thirsty but is unable to find water anywhere to quench his thirst. Then he meets a drunk alcoholic who helps him by giving him some money to buy alcohol. The peasant becomes pleased with him but soon the money is snatched away by a taxi-driver. Now the thirst for water is getting bigger and bigger which compells him to attempt to drink from a fire hydrant. But his bad luck follows and he is stopped by a Police Constable. Then he faces towards a multi-storied apartment complex and moves in, but is mistaken for a thief.

The whole building in which around one thousand people are living, set out to hunt him down. He first moves into the house of Kailash (Rashid Khan) whose daughter is secretly romancing another tenant named Pradeep (Pradeep Kumar). Then he runs into another house where he sees the husband is trying to steal his wife’s valuables so that he can gamble on a horse race. He hides himself in a drum and later makes his way to the apartment of Ramnarayan Malik (Nemo) who prints counterfeit rupee notes. But Ramnarayan sees him and he runs from a drain pipe. He is now several feets above the ground. The residents are throwing stones at him and Ramnarayan’s men waiting on the terrace with weapons to kill him.


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