Songs of Hatim Tai

Hit bollywood fantasy flick, Haatim Tai was released in the year 1990. The movie is directed by Babubhai Mistri and produced by Ratan Mohan. The story of the film is written by P. D. Mehra. The expressive dialogues in the film is written by Zafar Rahi. Jeetendra and Sangeeta Bijlani have played the lead roles in the film. Alok nath, Amrish Puri, Satish Shah, Sonu Walia and Raja Murad are the rest of the starcast of the film who have also done some important roles in it. Veteran music director duo, Laxmikant Shantaram Kudalkar and Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma are the music director of the film and have composed the melodious songs in the film. Jeetendra is in the role of a kind hearted person named Hatim. Sangeeta Bijlani has played the love interest of Jeetendra in the film. Sangeeta Bijlani is actually the wife of former indian cricket player, Mohammed Azharuddin. Satish Shah is as usual in a comic role in the film. Satish has played the role of Jeetendra’s best friend.

Here is the list of song:

1. Na dil kyun deewana
2. Parwardigar-e-aalam
3. Mere maalik mere
4. Dil hai tera deewana
5. Ek nazar mein dekh
6. Oye sanam

Hatim (Jeetendra) is a wealthy businessman who is also a very kind hearted person. Hatim remains always ready to help other people. A local girl comes to Hatim’s house and ask for help from Hatim. Hatim agrees to help her. She tells him that she is in love with a guy and wants to get married with him only but her father is refusing for their marriage. Hatim goes to convince her father for the marraige of her daughter with her lover. It is then the girl’s father enquire Hatim about the curse on his family. He tells Hatim that he has been cursed by a ‘Pari’ that her daughter will die the same day of her marriage. To break this curse one have to answer 7 questions of that ‘Pari’. After learning the truth, Hatim becomes ready to take part in the 7 quest of ‘Pari’.

Despite of knowing that the 7 quests can even result in his death, Hatim starts his mission. His close friend (played by Satish Shah) accompanies him in the task. A fairy named Paribano (Sangeeta Bijlani) gets attracted to Hatim’s kind hearted nature. She also decides to help Hatim in completeing his task. She offers her help to Hatim in solving the 7 quests. Meanwhile, Hatim and Paribano falls in love with each other. Hatim starts his dangerous journey for the solutions of 7 quests of Pari. But at his very first step, Hatim faces a very dangerous situation. He somehow gets out of it. But the very next moment, he finds himself in a even bigger problem as Paribano’s father (Alok Nath) has abducted him and is now planning to kill him at any cost.


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