Songs of Geet

Bollywood romantic family drama flick, Geet was released in the year 1970. The movie is directed by Ramanand Sagar. The movie stars Rajendra Kumar and former beautiful bollywood actress, Mala Sinha in lead roles. Sujit Kumar, Kumkum, Manmohan Krishna, Nasir Hussain, Keshto Mukherjee, Daisy Irani, Chaman Puri, Tun Tun and Brahm Bhardwaj have also done important roles in the film. The music of the film is composed by famous music director duo named Kalyanji-Anandji. The story of themovie revolves around a guy named Sarju (played by Rajendra Kumar), who rise to success by becoming a singer but a severe accident results him into a dumb person. Rajendra Kumar has done complete juctice to his role. The songs of the movie are still a rage among people. Mala Sinha has done the role of a successful stage singer in the film. The movie has a very touchy storyline with some great acting show from lead actors of the film.

The songs of the film are listed below:

1. Jis ke sapne
2. Bansoori bajayi ke
3. Mere mitwa mere
4. Tere naina kyun
5. Laila majnu

Kamla (Mala Sinha) is a famous stage singer and dancer. She is living a wealthy lifestyle alongwith her father, Dindayal (Nasir Hussain). Her stage shows are financed as well as arranged by Kunwar Shamsher Singh (Sujith Kumar). Shamnsher is in love with Kamla and is dreaming of getting married to her. Kamla decides to take a small leave from her stage activities and goes to Kullu for a holiday. There she meets with a guy named Sarju (Rajendra Kumar). Kamla finds that Sarju is an excellent flute player as well as a veru melodious singer. Kamla and Sarju falls in love with each other and decides to get married. Kamla then returns home and also bring Sarju and his siter alongwith her.

She then asks Shamsher Singh to organize stage shows for Sarju as well. Soon, Sarju also become a very renowned stage singer. Kamla then also arranges for Sarju’s sister Janki’s marraige. But destiny strikes and Sarju meets with a severe accident. He does manage to survive but looses his speaking power becuase of brain blood clot. Dindayal then refuse to let Kamla marry with Sarju. Kamla tries to convince her father for her marraige with Sarju. But she get shocked when the very next day she founds the dead body of her father in their house. She get the biggest shock of her life when she witnesses Suraj holding the blooded knife in his hand.


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