Songs Of Ganwar

Rajendra Kumar, Pran and Vyjayanthimala starred movie ‘Ganwar’ is a family drama movie which was directed by Naresh Kumar. The movie was released in 1970 under the banner of Dimple Films. Other starcast included Tarun Bose, Jeevan, Nishi, David Abraham, Ram Mohan, Sunder, Kamaldeep, Master Ratan, Tabassum, Dulari, Ravi Kale, Radheshyam etc in significant supporting roles. The movie was produced by Naresh Kumar whereas the screenplay of the movie was given by Dhruva Chatterjee. Music was rendered by famous Naushad and list of playback singers included Asha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor, Mohammad Rafi etc. It was proved to be a box office hit. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Woh Kaun Hai
2. Duniya Hanse Hansti Rahe
3. Hum Se To Achchi Teri Payal
4. Mehka Mehka Roop

Movie starts with Raja Sahib who lives a royal and wealthy lifestyle alongwith his wife and a son named Gopal. Unfortunately, his wife passes away leaving behind him and Gopal devastated. Later Raja decides to send Gopal to England for higher education which he does. After that he re-marries with a much younger girl than his age. His new bride handed over the management of the lands to her brother named Vijay Bahadur (Pran), leaving Raja Sahib helpless in these matter. Vijay is too cruel and terrorise the whole land and farmers. A young girl named Paro (Vyjayanthimala) decides to raise her voice against this terror and take a deputation to Raja Sahib in the city.

Whereas Gopal (Rajendra Kumar) has returned to his father with some new ideas about farming. But he is shocked to know the tale of their misery and plight after meeting Paro. Later he interferes in the matter to which his step-mother opposes strongly. Therefore he leaves the home and disguise himself as Garibdas to stay with the farmers. Later Vijay sets the ready crops on fire and not even a single grain is left for he farmers. Gopal knows the truth and wants to expose Vijay Bahadur but he is framed in the killing of Gopal by Garibdas. It is then his identity is revealed in the court that Garibdas and Gopal are the same person.


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