Songs Of Do Kaliyaan

Biswajeet, Mala Sinha and Mehmood starred movie ‘Do Kaliyaan’ is a family drama and romantic movie which was directed by R. Krishnan and S. Panju. The movie was released on 1st January, 1968 under the banner of A.V.M. Productions. Other starcast included Om Prakash, Nigar Sultana, Manorama, Umesh Sharma, Neetu Singh, Shabnam, Hiralal, Gitanjali etc in significant roles. The movie was produced by Murugan Kumaran, Saravanan M. and M. Murugun whereas the story and screenplay of the movie were given by Jawar N. Sitaraman. Dialogues were written by Mukhram Sharma whereas the music was rendred by famous Ravi. List of playback singers included Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Bachey Mann Ke Sachey
2. Yeh Ruth Yeh Nazarey
3. Tumhari Nazar

Movie starts with a guy named Shekhar (Biswajeet) who lives a poor lifestyle. He is a student of a college where one day he comes across a beautiful and attractive young girl named Kiran (Mala Sinha). Kiran is the only daughter of a wealthy father (Om Prakash) and leads a leavish lifestyle. Later both of them gets in several clashes and misunderstandings which results in falling of both of them in love with each other. Soon they decide to get married and then Kiran arranges a meeting of Shekhar with her mother (Nigar Sultana). He does comes and notices that her mother has a dominating behaviour whereas her father becomes quiet all the time. Later he is told that he must successfully pass a test given by Kiran’s mother.

He agrees to do so and soon he is put to the test in which he succeeds. Kiran becomes delighted to see this and soon their marriage is fixed. The marriage takes place and he moves in to live alongwith them. But soon he realises that his presence is next to a lowly servant. Therefore he wants to leave alongwith Kiran but she manages to calm him down. Soon he becomes father of twin girls and named Ganga and Jamuna. But again differences arise and he leaves the house with Ganga. Several years later, both sisters meet at a school outing and decide to switch their places. Later they devise a scheme to bring their grandmother onto her heels.


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