Songs of Diljala

Jackie Shroff and beautiful Farha starrer bollywood action movie “Diljala” was released under the production of Ramesh Sharma on August 7, 1987 while the movie is directed by popular bollywood movie director Bapu. The supporting cast of the movie that played important role in characterization of the major characters of the movie includes Danny Denzongpa, Tanuja and Ramesh Deo. The melodious music of the movie is composed and directed by Bappi Lahiri while the songs of the movie are sung in the beautiful voices of Asha Bonsle and Kishore Kumar.

The songs of bollywood movie Diljala are listed below:

1. Jaan Tan Se Tumhe Pyaar Karte Hain, Hum Aise Jaan Tan Se Tumhe Pyaar Karte Hain

2. Khushiyan Ho Teri Hamdam

3. Mera Munna Mera Chanda

4. Pyar Ki Jab Koi Baat Chali
The movie Diljala comes under the genre of action movies but has an ordinary story. The experienced director Bapu has wonderfully presented the movie on the celluloid with a great screenplay. The story of the movie revolves around the life of Mamta ( Farha ) who is a young working lady. She is the only daughter of Ratanmuni Gupta ( Danny Denzongpa ), a widower who works as a manager in a pharmaceutical company called Sharda Chemicals. One day Ratanmuni decided to marry his daughter with the son of Sharda ( Tanuja ), the owner of Sharda Chemicals.
The only problem with guy Munna ( Karan Sharma ) is that his is mentally not fit, he is still mentally immature. Mamta had no intentions of marrying him hence on the very day of her engagement she shunned her father off and ran away from the home. Humiliated Ratanmuni was left pondering alone in front of the guests. The movie takes a turn when many small children lost their life after the being vaccinated by the medicines from the Sharda Chemicals. The police arrested the owner of the company and in the shock Munna committed suicide. This made way clear for Ratanmuni to take over the company.


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