Songs of Dil Aur Mohabbat

Ashok Kumar, Joy Mukherjee, Sharmila Tagore and Bela Bose starred movie ‘Dil Aur Mohabbat’ is a romantic and family drama movie which was directed by Anand Dutta. The movie was released in 1968 under the banner of Shilpkar. Other starcast included Nasir Hussain, K.N. Singh, Asha Nadkarni, Anoop Kumar, Purnima, Gajanan Jagirdar, Sachin, Randhir, Jankidas, Johnny Walker etc in important roles. The movie was produced by Harish Shah and Vinod Shah whereas the story of the movie was written by Anand Dutta. The music of the movie was given by famous O.P. Nayyar while the songs were sang by Asha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor etc. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Haath Aya Hai
2. Kahaan Se Layi Ho

Movie starts with an aged man named Choudhary (Ashok Kumar) who lives a wealthy lifestyle alongwith his wife and a son named Ramesh. He is on the post of Superintendent of Police. Later his wife suddenly passes away leaving behind hi and her their son. At this time, Ramesh is too young and after several years later, now Ramesh (Joy Mukherjee) has grown up. Choudhary always installs good moral values in his son and therefore Ramesh becomes a true and honest person. As he has grown up, therefore he sends Ramesh to the college in Bombay and also remits money to him regularly. On the other hand, he also tries himself to get transfer to Bombay Police so that he can live close to his son.

Later one day he becomes very delighted when he comes to know that his transfer is approved. He quickly writes his son to pick him up from the railway station. Upon arrival in Bombay, he does not find his son at the Railway Station. But when browsing through a newspaper he sees his son’s photograph in which he is wanted for the murder of a card-sharp. This news shocks him a lot and then he decides to find out Ramesh before the city police do. Later Choudhary does find him but after he is accused of killing a woman named Kishori (Bela Bose).


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