Songs of Dharma

Navin Nischol, Rekha and Pran starred movie ‘Dharma’ is an action packed and crime movie which was directed by Chand. The movie was released in 1973 under the banner of Kapoor Films. Other starcast included Madan Puri, Ramesh Deo, Mohan Choti, Asit Sen, Sonia Sahni, Jayshree T., Anjali Kadam, Rajan Haksar, Uma Dutt, Murad, Moolchand, Ajit, Bindu, Helen etc in significant supporting roles. The movie was produced by S.K. Kapur and the story of the movie was also written by Chand. The music of the movie was scored by Om Prakash Sharma and list of playback singers included Asha Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi etc.Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Raaz Ki Baat Hai
2. Na Satrah Se Uper
3. Main Teri Gunehgaar
4. Aur Saki Jo Kal

Movie starts with Chandan Singh (Pran) who is a dacoit and lives with his wife named Parvati (Anjali Kadam) in isolation. Also he has his followers named Bhairav Singh (Rajan Haksar), Mangal Singh (Madan Puri) and some others. The police led by Inspector Ajit Singh (Ajit) is continuously following him and looks like that he wiil be caught soon. Bhairav Singh betrays Chandan Singh and also tries to molest his wife. This makes Chandan furious and he kills him. Mangal Singh protects Bhairav’s son named Chaman (Ramesh Deo) and they both decides to take revenge of his father’s death. Here police comes to his place and he escapes from there in a boat. Ajit Singh shoots at Chandan Singh but the shot hits Parvati who falls into water with her son.

Chandan also dives into water but is unable to find them. Therefore he decides to take reavenge and abducts Ajit’s daughter named Radha (Rekha) and her mother named Asha (Rekha) gets killed accidentally. Many years later Chandan Singh becomes Dharma as well as Nawab Sikander. Here Ajit Singh becomes Insepctor General of Police. Nawab goes to the prostitutions area and there finds Radha and recognizes her. He buys her from the Madame and brings her home and later asks Ajit Singh to be her father who readily accepts. Raju (Navin Nischol) is a crook and works with Dharma but he has a change of heart when he meets Radha and falls in love with her. Here Mangal Singh, Chaman and his girlfriend named Bindiya (Bindu) meets Parvati who lives in a temple. Chaman introduces himself as her son Suraj.


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