Songs of Dharam Karam

Legendary Raj Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor and Rekha starred movie Dharam Karam is a family drama movie which was directed by Randhir Kapoor himself. The movie was released on 1st December, 1975 under the banner of R.K. Films Ltd. Other starcast includes Prem Nath, Dara Singh, Pinchoo Kapoor, Narendra Nath, Urmila Bhatt, Jagdish Raj and Viju Khote in significant roles. The story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Prayag Raj and the music in the movie is given by very famous Rahul Dev Burman. Also the list of playback singers include Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh and Sushma Shreshta who sing the songs in the movie. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Baat Thi Yaar Ek Bair Ki
2. Ek Din Bik Jaayega
3. Mukh Pe Jo Chhidka Paani
4. Nachan Nahin
5. Tere Humsafar
6. Tu Kahan Gayee Thi

The movie starts with Shankar (Prem Nath) who is a criminal and very poor and lives in an old hut with his wife Kanta (Raj Rani). His wife gets pregnant and he prays to lord Shiva, if a boy will take birth he will ensure that the child does not take to his criminal path. He will grow his son to a decent and honest human being. Later he is blessed with a male child. Shankar loots the ill-gotten gains of another hoodlum named J.K (Pinchoo Kapoor) who become annoyed and hunts down Shankar in an attempt to abduct his son. But somehow Shankar saves his child and goes to renowned stage artist named Ashok Kumar (Raj Kapoor). Shankar involves in the battle between him and J.K and killing one of them. He is arrested, tried in court and sentences 14 years in jail.

In the meanwhile, Kanta passes away and that child named Dharam (Randhir Kapoor) is left in care of a wrestler named Bhim Singh (Dara Singh) and a mid-wife Ganga (Urmila Bhatt). Dharam wants to become a singer but he is taken to alcohol, gambling and a life of crime by Ranjit (Narendra Nath) under non other than J.K. himself. Shankar gets discharged from the jail after 14 years and finds that Ashok has brought up Ranjit and both are stage actors. He gets upset when comes to know that Ranjit is in fact Dharam and his son has taken a life of crime. J.K. abducts Shankar and demands the dead body of Ashok as ransom and choses Dharam for this task.


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