Songs of Delhi Heights

Jimmy Shergill and Neha Dhupia starrer bollywood movie “Delhi Heights” was released under the banner of Sivaji Productions on March 30, 2007. The movie is directed by Anand kumar. Other cast of the movie which is seen as prominent roles includes Om Puri, Rohit Roy, Simone Singh, Vivek Shauq, Kamini Khanna, Vijay Kapoor, R Madhavan, Sakshi Gulati and Arun Thapar. The popular music of the movie is composed and directed by Rabbi Shergill. The songs of the movie are sung by Rabbi Shergill, Amit Sana, Salim Shahzada, Kailash Kher and Sonu Kakkar.

The songs of the bollywood movie Delhi Heights are listed below:

1. Bhaabhi Ko Leke Ghar Pe Mere Tu, Kabhi Aana Na
2. Ey Gori Eh Gori Eh Gori Rang De Bachholiyaan Tohaar Jo Beera..
3. Kitni Der Tak Tum Baahar Rukogi Kitni Der Tak Mein Rukuun Yahaan
4. Tere Bin Sanu Sohnia Koi Hor Nahio Labhna Jo Dave Ruh Nu Sakun..

Delhi Heights is a movie based on the lives of this generation’s working professionals. The story enlightens the emotions and facts that are involved with the professional and personal life of every working person. The movie is based in Delhi and the characters of the movie work in different private organizations. The story of the movie focuses on the life of Abi ( Jimmy Shergill )and his beautiful wife Suhana ( Neha Dhupia )who live in a society called Delhi heights. Both husband wife work for rival companies. They are so involved in their professional live that they are not able to spent quality time with each other. Soon problems started creeping into their relationship.

Abi’s friend Bobby ( Rohit Roy ) lives in the same society with his wife Saima ( Simone Singh ). He is flirts with every other lady he encounters. On the eve of holi, he danced with Suhana which planted the seeds of suspicion in the mind of Abi. Abi and Suhana were working on the same project but for different companies. Initially Abi was leading in the race for the deal but at the final moment Suhana ran away with the deal. Abi thought that she might have checked his secret documents and benefited from it. They had a fight and a rift was created in their relationship. Finally like all other movies abi realizes his mistake and they patched up. The movie lacks quality script and that’s what triggers the downfall of the movie. Overall the actors have done a great job enacting the script but the movie lacks the flesh required to make the story more appealing.


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