Songs Of Daku

Shammi Kapoor and Shashikala starred classica bollywood movie ‘Daku’ is an action and romantic movie which was directed by Aspi Irani. The movie was released in 1955 and other starcast included Babubhai Mistry, Anwar Hussain, Kuldip Kaur, Sulochana Latkar, W M Khan, Maya Dass, Nagpal, Gulnar and many more in significant roles. The movie was produced by J. B. H Wadia whereas the story and screenplay of the movie were given by J. B. H Wadia. The music of the movie was rendered by famous Snehal Bhatkar whereas the list of playback singers included Asha Bhosle, Shamshad Begum, Mukesh, Anwar Hussain etc. Lyrics were written by Manohar Khanna, Kaif Irfani and Kaif Bhopali. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Dil Ke Badle Dil
2. Kismat Dikhati Hai
3. Main Aayi Hoon Aasman Se
4. Pyar Karte Hain Jise

Movie starts with a happy and wealthy family consisting of a stepfather, mother and a child aka Prince living in a palace. That child is the only heir of the whole estate. Whereas his stepfather has also two children of his own and he wants them to inherit all the wealth. Therefore he makes a plan and includes a gypsy in his plan to abduct Prince. Later gypsy comes to the palace at night and abducts the Prince. When he is opposed by Rajmata and her loyal Minister, he hits them over their head and takes Prince alongwith him. Later he goes to a cliff from where he throws him off. But fortunately the little guy lands in a tree and becomes alive. In response, that child waves his hand in air for that gypsy.

Later he tries once again but is stopped by a song. Then he decides to adopt him and takes him to his camp. Also he named him as Badal. Several years later, Badal (Shammi Kapoor) has now grown up to be a handsome young man. Also he has two childhood friends named Paro and Lily who always fight with each other. Also he has a male friend named Anwar (Anwar Hussain) who later falls in love with Paro. Whereas Badal falls in love with Lily (Shashikala). Back in the palace, both of the chilren are also grown up. Later a magic show is arranged in the palace where Badal also comes alongwith Anwar. At the end of the show, Rajkumari (Kuldeep Kaur) flirts with Badal which does not goes well with Lily. Soon circumstances force Badal to get his place in the palace and also he meets with his real mother who tells him about himself.


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