Songs of Bombay Ka Chor

Kishore Kumar and Mala Sinha starred movie ‘Bombay Ka Chor’ is a drama movie which was directed by S.D. Narang. The movie was released in 1962 and other starcast included Brahm Bhardwaj and Jagdish Raj in supporting casts and played important roles in the movie. The music of the movie was given by famous music director Ravi and the list of playback singers included Asha Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar who gave their melodious and soulful voice to the songs in the movie. The movie became a superhit at the box office and collected a huge revenue. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Dekha Kisine Kuchh
2. Halki Halki Sard Hawa
3. Hasrat Hi Rahi
4. Hello Hello Ji Kaho Kya Hai Ji
5. Jawab De Ya Na De Bewafa

Movie starts with young Randhir who is an orphan and has no clue about his parents. He lives in an orphanage from his childhood where he always thinks of a brighter life. As the time goes on, Randhir (Kishore Kumar) now becomes an adult and choose the path of stealing as a career. He has done many stealings and has been on the run from the police since then. Similar to that one day he runs away from the police and suddenly comes across a dead body and is shocked to see that the face of that body is looking like him. Later he comes with an idea and takes that person’s identity and the police to conclude that Randhir is dead.

Randhir comes to know that his name is Kishore and he is much wealthy beyond his imagination. He becomes very happy to be him as he always wants a wealthy and comfortable lifestyle. He begans to live the easy life and also after sometime he comes to know that he has a pretty girlfriend (Mala Sinha) with whome he is about to marry. But all his hopes vanishes and he realises that he has forced himself in a big problem when he comes to know that the police is after Kishore and want him to arrest with the charge of a murder.


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