Songs of Bewaqoof

Kishore Kumar, Mala Sinha and I.S. Johar starred movie ‘Bewaqoof’ is a romantic and musical movie which was produced and directed by I.S. Johar. The movie was released in 1960 under the banner of Johar Films. Other starcast included Pran, Bipin Gupta, Leela Chitnis, Sabita Chatterjee, Krishna Kumari, Ulhas, Mukri, Asit Sen, Vinod Mehra etc in important roles. The movie was also written by I.S. Johar whereas music of the movie was composed and directed by legendary Sachin Dev Burman. List of playback singers included Shamshad Begum, Asha Bhosle and Manna Dey who gave their melodious voice to the songs. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Hum To Hain Tum Par Dil Se Fida
2. O Dear Sach Sach
3. Tu Jaam Liye Ja

Movie starts with Rai Bahadur (Bipin Gupta) who is a kind haerted and very well known man in the society. He practices law and his family consists of his wife named Meena (Leela Chitnis) but they do not have any children. He usually becomes in tension when realizes himself without any children and in his quest for a heir to his estate, he has an affair with a prostitute named Meher (Sabita Chatterjee). Rai Bahadur gets intimate with Meher and soon she gets pregnant. When Rai Bahadur comes to know about her pregnancy, he becomes very happy and promises her that he will give the child his name and also takes care of the child. But luck changes into his way and his wife also becomes pregnant. Soon both women give birth to baby boys. Now it looks like that Rai Bahadur does not have any concern with Meher.

When Meher observes him that he is not going to accept her child, she threatens to expose him if he does not take her son. She also places a condition according to which Meena’s son should be left in an orphanage. So Rai Bahadur gets ready to take that risk with the help of a nurse but all in vain as both boys ends up at their palatial home. Meher’s son is named as Kishore (Kishore Kumar) whereas Meena’s son is named as Pran (Pran) who later becomes a boxing champion. Rai Bahadur tries to humiliate him and finally accuses him of stealing which Meena cannot bears and leaves the house with Kishore. Now Pran becomes an educated and well cultured man in the society. In the meantime, both Pran and Kishore fall in love with Mala (Mala Sinha). At the end, both the brothers meets in the boxing ring for a match of their lives.


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