Songs Of Aparadh

Feroz Khan and Mumtaz starred movie ‘Aparadh’ is a crime and action packed drama movie which was directed by Feroz Khan himself. The movie was released in 1972 under the banner of F.K. International. Other starcast included Prem Chopra, Faryal, Brahm Bhardwaj, Shyam Kumar, Tun Tun, M.B. Shetty, Polson, Khursheed Khan, Helen, Madan Puri etc in important roles. The movie was produced by Feroz Khan himself whereas the story and screenplay of the movie were written by Akhtar-Ul-Iman and Omkar Sahib. Music was given by famous duo Kalyanji-Anandji and list of playback singers included Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar etc. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Tum Mile Pyar Se
2. Ae Naujawan Sab Hai Yahan

Movie starts from Germany where a good looking and attractive young woman named Rita (Mumtaz) cons a jeweler into parting with a very expensive necklace. She lives there and belongs to a group of thieves. After stealing the necklace, now she is on the run from police. On the way she meets with a man named Ram Khanna (Feroz Khan) who is an ace Grand Prix racer. She also gets a ride with him and plants the necklace with him. When he comes to know about the necklace, he graciously returns the necklace to her so that she can give it to her gang leaders. But unfortunately, the gang leaders tell her that the necklace is fake and then she is on run from them.

Then once again Ram comes to her rescue and provides shelter to her. This time she tells him her real name and that is Meena. Later Ram wins the Grand Prix and then both return to India. But when they are about to leave the airport, Ram is obstructed by authorities and is searched in which he is found to be in possession of diamonds hidden in medicinal capsules. Now he is arrested and tried in court where he gets prison for several years. When he is released from there and comes out, he finds Meena awaiting outside for him. Both rekindle their romance and decide to marry soon. But their life is shattered when his brother named Harnam (Prem Chopra) comes and asks him to join smuggling to which he refuses. But he has to join him after Meena is abducted.


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