Songs of Anokha Ristha

Rajesh Khanna and Samita Patil starrer bollywood movie “Anokha Rishta” was released under the production of Raju Mathew on August 29, 1986 while the movie is directed by I V Sasi. The genre of the movie is bollywood drama. The supporting cast of the movie that played important role in characterization of various characters of the story includes Shafi Inamdaar, Karan Shah, Tanuja, Sabia, Satish Shah and Beena. The melodious music of the movie is composed and directed by R D Burman while the songs are sung in the beautiful voices of Amit Kumar and Asha Bonsle.

The songs of bollywood movie Anokha Rishta are listed below:

1. Aaj Ka Din Na Jaane Kyun Acha Lagta Hai
2. Tune Ye Jaana Ek Kaanta Lagne Se Mein
3. Marry Tu Meri Hoja
4. Chal Saheli Jhoom Ke Geet Koi

The movie comes up with a refreshing story that revolves around the life of a young girl who although being poor how she managed to achieve everything she ever dreamt of having in her life. The movie is wonderfully directed by the director I V Sasi. The story of the movie focuses on the life of a yopung and beautiful girl called Mary ( Samita Patil ), who is an orphan right from her child hood and how she lives in an orphanage which is managed and run by a group of dedicated nuns. Mary was very good in studies and right from her childhood the expenses of her education were tyaken care of by a mysterious unknown face.

Mary never came to know, who actually was the person who had taken care of her needs, the only conversation that Mary and Mysterious helper had was trough the help of the nuns. Here comes a twist in the story of the movie when suddenly one day Mary came to know that the mysterious helper has passed away. She was very sad for him and also for herself also because who would take care of her education now. A business allies of his father Mr. Robert Brown aka Bob ( Rajesh Khanna ) came for her rescue. He supported her education, and other needs. When Mary came to know that he is a bachelor she was instantly attracted towards him.


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