Songs of Amanaat

Amanaat is a bollywood action drama movie, directed by renowned director of bollywood industry named Raj N. Sippy. This was the first movie in which two bollywood stars, Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt shared screen space together. Akshay was not such a big star at that time and therfore he was seen playing a supporting character in the movie. Sanjay Dutt and Heera Rajgopal were in the lead roles while Kanchan, Farheen, Gulshan Grover, Kiran Kumar and Mukesh Khanna were the supporting actors of the film. The movie was released in the year 1994 and it was produced by Pankaj Kharbanda, Romu N. Sippy and Darshan Mehta. Music of the film was given by none other than the famous Bappi Lahiri. However, the music of the film completely lacks the charisma of Bappi Da. The cinematography of the movie was handled by renowned bollywood cinematograopher, S. Pappu.

Here are the songs of the movie:

1. Tujhse milna milkar chalna
2. Matlab nikal gaya
3. Door rehkar na karo
4. Teri jawani tapta mahina

The movie starts in a small village where no rainfall has been happened for the past 3 years. All villagers seeks help from village leader, Rajeshwar (Kiran Kumar) but he refuses to help them. A young guy in the village decides to free his village from this natural calamity. Vijay (Sanjay Dutt), who is living alongwith his younger sister in the village, decides to travel to city in order to buy a water tube. But unfortunatley, Vijay’s luggage alongwith money is stolen by someone in city. Now Vijay has no other option left other than returning to his village. He decides to board next train but the problem is that the next train is scheduled to leave in morning only.

At night, Vijay rescues a guy who was beaten up by some thieves. The guy named Amar (Akshay Kumar) befriends with Vijay and decides to help him in every way. He bring Vijay to his house and they starts living together. Vijay starts searching for a good job so that he can earn quickly. Vijay’s honesty gets him a nice job. On the otherhand, Amar is still jobless. Vijay decides to leave his job after arranging sufficient money to buy a water tube, Amar also decides to go alongwith Vijay to his village. But both of them get shocked to see the present living condition of the village.


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