Songs of Aag

Raj Kapoor and Nargis starred movie ‘Aag’ is a romantic movie which was produced and directed by Raj Kapoor. The movie was released on 6th August, 1948 under the banner of R.K. Films Ltd. Other starcast included Kamini Kaushal, Nigar Sultana, Kamal Kapoor, Indumati, Prem Nath, Vishwa Mehra, M.C. Kapoor, Prayag Raj, B.N. Khera, Shashi Kapoor, Billoo Kriplani etc in supporting roles. The story, screenplay and dialogues of the movie were written by Inder Raj Anand and Ram Ganguly scored the music of the movie. List of playback singers included Shamshad Begum, Mukesh and Mohammad Rafi who gave their soulful voice to the songs. Hit songs of the movie are listed below:

1. Zinda Hoon Is Tarah
2. Raat Ko Ji Chamke Tare
3. Dekh Chand Ki Or
4. Dil Toot Gayaji
5. Kahe Koyal Shor Machaye

Movie starts with Kewal Khanna (Raj Kapoor) who is forced to do the study of law and become a successful lawyer just like his father. His father wants him to continue the tradition of his family but he had always been attracted to the theater especially the one about Bilwa Mangal and Chintamani. He wants to open up his own theatre company in which he will play as Bilwa and his childhood sweetheart named Nimmi would play Chintamani. He fails his law exams due to a lack of interest in becoming a lawyer and is thrown out of the house by his father. After that he moves to Bombay where he finds the Royal Opera House and decides to meet its owner whose name is Rajan (Prem Nath).

He meets with him and together they open ‘Kewal Theatre’. Once Kewal is sitting with Rajan and discussing about the role when he finds a girl of unknown parentage and name. He renames her as Nimmi (Nargis). Soon both of them fall in love with each other. All the preparations of the play is completes and Kewal returns home to invite his parents to the opening show. Later he finds out that Rajan is also in love with Nimmi. So he decides to get a side and make way for Rajan. He asks Nimmi to accept Rajan as her life partner but she refuses. So he takes a hard decision to burn this theatre as well as setting afire the left side of his face. Nimmi screaming in horror at his disfigurement. Now Kewal is once again alone in the journey of finding his lost love.


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