Soha: Kareena Can be my Bhabhi

Storm in the Mickey land with a bunch of nails. Soha Ali Khan has opted out of the Olympic torch ceremony to be held in India. This is the newz but ice-cream lies in the different cone.  She announced her decision of opting out on Tuesday and when media asked her questions on her personal frontier she clicked.

“I fully support the Olympic relay and am saddened at the disruptions in its path in various parts of the world as well as the violence in Tibet. But I can’t run due to very strong personal reasons,” Soha said.

When someone from the media asked her about big brother Saif Ali Khan and his bebo, she said- ’I really got impressed with the sizzling lady of Bollywood Kareena.’ Though she also claims of their possibility of tieing a knot… or may be on Saif baba you can’t depend on him.

Also, Sofa remarked on the tattoo on her Brother’s hand as a sign of love and compassion. Oh lalala!…… I hope it’ll add a new flavor among the young blood all dipped in the water of romance and affection.


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