Salman: I am not a Saint

Salman Khan who’s trying all his strength to change his bad boy image to good boy from Television reality show ‘Dus Ka Dum’. He’s successfully able to change his image and the TRP of his show is also helping him in doing that as he believer of humanity and moral concerns.

He says that ‘Dus Ka Dum’ has given him a platform to increase his understanding with the local people, his fans and all those crores of people sitting at home and watching him. And he knows how to read heart and eyes of people.

What makes him more surprised is the way people reveal their personal life in front him in a hope that I am someone close, that really strikes him. He also says that he’s not a saint and his personal feelings also come out when he chat with people and he tries to make confessions as much as possible for his bad deeds.

Ooohhh nice Sallu mia but after all time has come that you should change yourself after all life is always to look ahead.


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